datalife Mobile Module 2.5

datalife Mobile Module 2.5

综合 7年前 (2011-08-21) 浏览: 20 评论: 0

What's new in 2.5: 1. The long-awaited design. 2. Polls are now working in the news (and with a choice of single-variant, and with a choice of several). 3. Editing avatars are now separate from the pr

DLE Thanks Module 1.5

DLE Thanks Module 1.5

综合 7年前 (2011-08-21) 浏览: 28 评论: 0

DLE Thanks Module 1.5 Version DLE: 8.3-9.3 The module allows you to organize a system of thanks on the site. What is so interesting about this module? - Module is connected to a single file pattern, w


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