Datalife Engine 10.1 英文版发布

站长帮2月11日消息 著名的俄罗斯cms软件dle 于2013年11月发布了Datalife Engine 10.1,此版本有大量的升级,其中包括被网友期待的广告解决方案和html5特性(尤其是html5 player),此版本重点加强了反垃圾的改进,重新规划了文件上传组件,同时,有{custom} 标签的改进。

站长帮2月11日消息 著名的俄罗斯cms软件dle 于2013年11月发布了Datalife Engine 10.1,此版本有大量的升级,其中包括被网友期待的广告解决方案和html5特性(尤其是html5 player),此版本重点加强了反垃圾的改进,重新规划了文件上传组件,同时,有{custom} 标签的改进。



  1. Cross Reference

    In Admin Panel added a new section “Cross-reference”. This section is designed to quickly create relink the site by keywords. In this section, you specify a keyword and URL, in case a given keyword on your page, it will be replaced by a hypertext link. In contrast to the module “filter words”, which is also available in the Admin Panel, this module looks for keywords throughout the page, including all content (news, comments, templates, third-party modules, etc.) and not just in the news and the comments. Also, any introduction or modification of key words in this section leads to a momentary use of the entire site and all pages of the site, and do not require any rebuilding publications. Also in this module is supported by an indication of decline of words, for example, you can specify the keyword “Ivan(s|Peninsula|ovulation)” and a link will be applied to the words: Ivanov, Ivanov, Ivanov, etc. Keyword search is carried out only in the words of a whole, not just for all occurrences of the text.

  2. Player

    Added new HTML5 player for video on the site. This unit is included in your video player and is used when you publish a video in mp4 format , compressed codec H.264, using a[video=]. And also it is used when you insert a video service Youtube with the tag [media=]. This player has one important advantage over the Flash player, and it does not require additional plug-ins for the browser, and the video can be viewed on your website, if the visitor is using smart phones when viewing your website.

  3. Added control and incorrect SEO URL for static pages. Now, together with news, links incorrect SEO URL processed and for static pages. Thus, if enabled in the SEO on the site, all links without the SEO to a static page will automatically, using 301 redirect redirected to the correct link.
  4. Similar news

    In setting the script added the ability to set search for similar news for articles, only one of those categories which article posted in. Thus, you can set similar to the news search or the entire site, or only one of those categories, which belongs to the published news.

  5. RSS news for exports destined for export to Yandex news, added the ability to export to the RSS Feed links to images which are detailed in the news.
  6. Full New Navigation

    Completely redesigned formation navigate pages fullstory, if the text of the publication has been split into multiple pages. Now to navigate through the pages full of news, an additional template file splitnewsnavigation.tpl where you can ask any convenient form of navigation.

  7. Sub-category

    In setting the categories in the admin panel added the ability for each category individually set the setting “Show news published in the sub-categories.” In this global setting for all categories also remain in your script. Thus, you can individually for each category set whether to display the news of the subcategories or not. For example, you can globally enable this setting, and to prohibit certain categories, and vice versa.

  8. Article meta

    In setting the script added the possibility to enable or disable the automatic generation of meta tags ‘description’ and ‘keywords’ in case they have not been filled in by hand in the publication of news. Previously, automatic generation of meta tags has always existed, now if you want you can disable this feature.

  9. IP filter

    In setting the script added the ability to set a list of IP addresses that are allowed access to the admin panel. In contrast to the IP restrictions in the profile settings, this restriction only applies to DLE admin panel and is used for all users who have access to the administration panel, even if you will be passing the script DLE, for example, will be introduced into the database MySQL.

  10. Password recovery setting

    In group settings in the Admin Panel script adds the ability to enable or disable specific user groups restoring forgotten passwords on the site. This is recommended for groups of disabled users with enhanced powers on the site, thus in case of theft of user email accounts, you can not access their accounts on your website, through the forgotten password function.

  11. Spam filtering

    Added a new type of automatic spam filtering on the site, namely the “poor filtration”. Thereby filtering now works as follows: When a weak filtering user or comment will be rejected if the probability that it is a spammer more than 80%, with moderate filtering user or comment will be rejected if the probability that it is a spammer is more than 50%, with enhanced filtering enough of its location in the spam database, for refusing access, the probability is not taken into account.

  12. Spam filtering Comment

    General setup of automatic protection against spam by adding comments, was moved from the setup script in group settings. Thus, you can enable or disable this setting for different user groups.

  13. Added control E-mail address when registering, checking whether the visitor is possible spammer. Earlier check at registration was carried out only by IP address, and now the check is carried out on the E-mail address.
  14. Seepdbar

    For the module ‘breadcrumbs’ (speedbar) added page numbering pages to navigate through the pages of a Web site.

  15. Added the ability to connect to the templates with the tag {include file=”file.tpl”} template files from other templates. To do this, you must specify the path to the file from the root templates /templates/, eg {include file=”/templates/file.tpl”} or {include file=”/templates/Gemini/file.tpl”}, etc. This innovation will be useful for sites that use multiple templates at the same time on the site and need to connect all such templates, one universal template file.
  16. Added new modes and options for antivirus in the Admin Panel script. Now, in case if you did not take a snapshot of the system and you click on the ” Anti ” in the control panel script , then there is a check only the folders script DLE. If you click on a thorough review , we scanned all the folders in the root of your site , regardless of whether they belong to DLE or not. If you create a picture file , then the picture is taken each and every important file on the server, regardless of their location and whether they are in folders DLE. Thus, the built- in antivirus DLE can monitor changes in any important files on the server, even in the files of other scripts that are not related directly to the DLE.
  17. New Captcha

    The output module standard Captcha added new algorithms for text output, complicating the automatic recognition.

  18. Added protection administration from ourselves when editing your own profile in the editing users, and they can no longer change your own group, and thus are protected from accidental transfer to another group. In other words, the inexperienced users script no longer be able to ban themselves.
  19. Addnews Change User

    Added the ability to use the name of author to add news in admin CP, this option is also available for edit news

  20. Added new rotation mechanism banners added to the Admin Panel script in the management of advertising materials. Previously, if the banners had the same names, the rotation occurred in a random order. Now, when you first login to the website, the user is shown a banner in random order, and when you visit the following pages, it will show previously have not viewed banners, thus it will show all the banners set in the control panel.
  21. Added support for the new format of the code that is used to insert a video service Youtube.
  22. Added support for tags [hide]text[/hide] to be output hidden text, custom fields for the news, if the output of news made ​​using a custom tag {custom ….}
  23. Templates for output short and full news (shortstory.tpl and fullstory.tpl), as well as templates for display the comments and personal messages (comments.tpl and pm.tpl) adds support for new tags [declination=X]text[/declination], intended for the decline the words on the numbers. The parameters passed to the tag instead of X number, and instead of the “text” is transmitted to the root of the word endings. Word endings are listed with the symbol “|”. This tag is useful with other tags that display the number of hits such as news or number of comments. For example [declination={comments-num}]Comments|y|z|s[/declination], depending on the number of comments will output : “1 comment”, “2 comments”, “10 comments” etc. Or, for example tag [declination={views}]View|a|s[/declination], depending on the number of hits the news will output “1 view”, “2 views “, “5 views” etc.
  24. For a summary of news output templates (shortstory.tpl), as well as templates for custom display news using the tag {custom ….} adds support for new tag : [newscount=x] text [/newscount] which displays the text specified in the tags if news shows X , where X is the number of the displayed page news. For example [newscount=1] text [/newscount] will show the text when displayed in a row on the first page of the news. This tag is useful for webmasters who want to regulate where they like to show ads on the site between the news. For example, added to the end of the template code [[newscount=2,5] ad code [/newscount], will show ads after the second and fifth news.
  25. Completely redesigned your search results on the site. Now for the template displays search results (searchresult.tpl) you can use the exact same tags without restrictions on what you use the templates output summary of news and comments in the template output. Thus, the search page results and conclusions are no longer limited in functionality and used tags.
  26. Added opportunity to withdraw with the publication of news on the site, with fast editing news.
  27. Similar News in Main page addnews

    Added ability to search for similar news, the latest news on the site. In this case, in contrast to the search for similar news of control, when added to the site is proposed deleting or editing news, only view them.

  28. Add Link BBCode

    Improved system for inserting links to BBCODES editor. Enter text for the links and references made ​​within a single window, and made ​​the automatic analysis of selected text in the editor, it is a link or not, and fills in the appropriate field.

  29. The template for E-mail messages, which is used to send email notification when a new comment to the site and subscribers added to the tag {%title%} which displays the headline news in which was written a new comment. Also added support for the SEO URL tag{%link%} in the template.
  30. For a custom tag output of publications {custom …} for the attribute id=”…”, added support for specifying a range of news ID with a dash. For example, the tag {custom id=”1,4-8,11″ aviable=”global” order=”date”} displays the news c number 1, with a range of news id 4 to 8, as well as news from the number 11.
  31. The template for the output of personal messages (pm.tpl) added the ability to see whether the user is currently online or offline on the site. To this were added tags:[online] text [/online] – display the message if the user is online, [offline] text [/offline] – display the message if the user is offline. Activity status is defined by an interval of 20 minutes, after 20 minutes, there was no activity, and site visits by the user, then its status is automatically offline.
  32. The template for a withdrawal of comments (comments.tpl) added the use of new tags:[commentsgroup=1,2,3] text [/commentsgroup] which displays enclosed text specified therein, if the comment was written by a customer belonging to the listed groups, also added the tag [not-commentsgroup=1,2,3] text [/not-commentsgroup], which displays the enclosed text if the comment was written by a customer does not belong to these groups . Thus, you have the opportunity to make different design comments written by different groups of users. For example, you can make one kind of comments left by administrators, and other kind of comments left by regular visitors.
  33. The template for a withdrawal of comments (comments.tpl) adds support for new tag:[commentscount=x] text [/commentscount] which displays the text specified in the tags if the comment is displayed X , where X is the number displayed on the page of comments . For example [commentscount=1] text [/commentscount] will show the text when displayed in a row on the first page of comments . This tag is useful for webmasters who want to regulate where they like to show ads on the site between the comments . For example, added to the end of the template code [commentscount=1,10] ad code [/commentscount], will show ads after the first and tenth comment.
  34. Added support for Cyrillic domains tag: [leech=….] in publishing secure links in the news for the site is encoded with windows-1251.
  35. Fixed Category

    Improved system for selecting categories in publishing and editing news in the Admin Panel script. Categories selected are no longer removed from the list, and remain, highlighting color. Thus, you can continue to easily navigate the category structure, where they were selected.

  36. Removed outdated flash file uploader, as simultaneous loading of multiple files uploader supports standard in all modern browsers, as well as improved visual display of the popup files in the standard uploader.
  37. New TinyMCE Editor

    Updated TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to the latest new version 4.x

  38. Fixed an issue where the search was not working on the main page, if the principal in your script has been included showing static pages.
  39. Fixed an issue where you cannot be added to the filter by login in Admin Panel script logins containing a Cyrillic alphabet, if the server has a version of PHP 5.4.x. above.
  40. Fixed problem with incorrect publication of the news headlines in the meta tags page if the title contains quotes.
  41. Fixed problem with incorrect operation google Recaptcha service, when using the site SSL protocol.
  42. Fixed the previously declared and small mistakes in the script.



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