WordPress 5.0 RC2 发布,正式版即将到来

WordPress 5.0 的第二个候选版本已发布,这是一个重要的里程碑,因为已越来越接近 WordPress 5.0 正式发布。开发团队将根据本候选版本的反馈,尽快公布最终的发布日期。

要提前体验 WordPress 5.0,可使用  WordPress Beta Tester  插件,也可以在此处下载候选版本(zip)。

有关 WordPress 5.0 的更多细节,请参阅博客说明

Significant changes

  • We stopped rendering AdminNotices compatibility component, as this previous attempt at backward compatibility was bringing in numerous incompatible banners and notices from plugins.
  • An update to the parser to better deal with malformed HTML that could cause a loop. We’re only aware of this in the wild being triggered once in the over a million posts made with Gutenberg, but it caused a loop so we wanted to fix for RC2.

Cosmetic and minor changes in RC2

  • Accessibility: Simplify sidebar tabs aria-labels.
  • Make the Image Link URL field readonly.
  • Internationalization: Merge similar text strings that differed only in capitalization.
  • CSS: Improve block preview styling.
  • CSS: Fix visual issues with Button block text wrap.
  • Fix getSelectedBlockClientId selector.
  • Fix Classic block not showing galleries on a grid.
  • Fix an issue where the block toolbar would cause an image to jump downwards when the wide or full alignments were activated.
  • Move editor specific styles from style.scss to editor.scss in Cover block.
  • Fix modals in Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Fix Microsoft IE11 focus loss after TinyMCE init. Add IE check.
  • Fix Microsoft IE11 input when mounting TinyMCE.
  • Change @package names to WordPress.

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