This release contains a huge number of enhancements and bug-fixes since g2. Additionally, say hello to a new logo, homepage, and documentation!

Documentation  (more coming soon)
API Reference 


Get your hands on 1.0.0g3 at . Upgrade instructions are included in the readme.

What’s New?

Heads up: you’ve probably been using a lot of these enhancements for a while because I’ve been regularly pushing to the master branch. But maybe if you read through you’ll find something you didn’t know!


  • New default skin. Simpler, and includes a floating header for easy navigation. Lots of fixes with the mobile skin.
  • New plugins included in the core. Answers, Attachments, Channel Notifications, Gravatar, Member Notifications, Profiles, Views, Word Filter.
  • Channel list redesigned.
  • Sticky enhancements. Sticky conversations now always stick to the top for guests, and the first line of text from the first post displays beneath them.
  • Ease restrictions on usernames. Allow the use of unicode characters in usernames, and reserve less names.
  • Better transliteration of accented characters in slugs.
  • Better AJAX debugging. The responseText is now shown in a message if an AJAX request fails and the Debug plugin is enabled.
  • Improved translation. Heaps of strings made translatable.
  • Mark as unread feature.
  • Email notifications are HTML and include post content.
  • Better control over how long users are allowed to edit their own posts.
  • More powerful #limit gambit, allowing “view more” to be clicked multiple times
  • Quote collapsing.
  • Added a sub-channel breadcrumb next to conversation title.
  • Added a login form to the “conversation not found” page.
  • Added an SSL config setting.
  • Add hashtag to start of all gambits so that gambit-words can be full-text searched for.
  • Add user preference to receive email notifications when mentioned in a post.
  • Automatically prompt the user to pick a channel when starting a conversation.
  • User preference to hide themselves from the online list.
  • User preference to “Automatically follow private conversations that I’m added to”.
  • Allow conversation starter to change channel and edit title.
  • Make clicking conversation title jump to unread by default.


  • Fix replies not appearing immediately on conversations with multiple pages
  • Fix slow query in ETSession::isFlooding method
  • Fix XSS vulnerability in <title> tag for conversation titles
  • Show year in post dates if they are more than 6 months ago
  • AJAX for channel reordering GET method changed to POST
  • Improved handling of friendly, but non-rewrite, URLs
  • Validate channel slugs properly
  • Make online list respect member list privacy setting
  • Decrease channel + member conversation count upon conversation deletion
  • Fix “new activity” message in search results appearing more than once
  • “Automatically follow conversations that I reply to” now works when starting a conversation
  • Fixed bugs with “back to search” link
  • Fix member activity page clipping bugs
  • Tabbing out of the conversation title field should save it, not revert it
  • Fix fulltext search results “show matching posts” links disappearing after 30 seconds
  • Fix quotes with links at the end messing up
  • Removed AJAX loading of login and sign up forms to facilitate browser autofill
  • Align channels properly when they wrap onto two lines
  • Hiding/showing a parent channel now hides/shows all sub-channels
  • Many more!

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