impress CMS非常优秀 后台很棒


impressCMS是一个数据库(MySQL)驱动,模块化的内容管理系统。该项目成立于2007年,基于XOOP项目,是该项目的独立分支。网站 内容由各自独立的内容模块/Web应用进行管理。可以按照自己的需求来安装相应的模块,当前可用的模块包括:新闻发布,论坛,相册和其它非常多的第三方模 块供选择。


ImpressCMS uses an open architecture, allowing webmasters to add modules into the core CMS for additional functionality. Modules exist that have been developed by an international community of developers, designers and fans and are able to handle most every task associated with the managing of web content and an online community.

The basic features of ImpressCMS are:

  • Database driven
  • Granular permissions for users and groups
  • Complete user profiles and private messaging
  • Customizable themes and templates
  • Integrated comment system, with moderation options
  • Integrated management for banner advertising
  • Site-wide search function
  • Multibyte language support